Honored by The Red Thread

Slathered Burger Contest Winner

In October 2010 we held a Slathered Burger contest to see who could submit the tastiest burger recipes using Slatherin’ Sauce.

Our Winner, Dee Dee Arthur created this great version.

Slathered Q Burger

Slatherin’ Q Burger: Dee Dee Arthur **Burger Contest Winner

Hand patty some fresh ground chuck, salt and freshly ground pepper on both sides, grill to your likeness, top with a generous Slather ‘o sauce and some basil coleslaw..yum!

To make the slaw: thinly slice about 4 cups of green cabbage, mix with 3 T Hellman’s mayo, 1 T pickle juice or rice wine vineg…approximately, 2 T chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper.

Northeast Tour News from the Road

One of the best things about being on the road visiting customers and “Slatherin’ It On” is the wonderful opportunity to meet fascinatng people and eat amazing food. Tonight I am dining at Hungry Mother in Cambridge MA.
Wow…the food is phenomenal…Southern classics with French infusion. Collard greens cooked to perfection with thin garlic slices and a pot liquor so good I had to order the corn bread with sorghum butter to sop up all those delicious juices.
Collard Greens at Hungry Mother in Cambridge MA
And to top off the incredible meal, I was treated with the same down home hospitality that I hope we show all the guest who grace us with their presence in our homes and on this tour.

An Exceptional Testimonial

One the most joyous things about Slatherin’ Sauce is the dedication many show to our products.

When we created Slatherin’ Sauce, we wanted to create a product that was tasty, and good for you without any artificial ingredients. We also deliberately chose to package our sauce on glass bottles and be ecologically conscious about every aspect of our business. We are local and embrace all that being local means.

However, the real reason that motivates us is offering nutritious food to our families. We want to encourage the delight of meals prepared at home and families who share them, together at the table.

So it was with great joy that we read this testimonial from Amy White in North Carolina.

“I have become addicted to your sauce! I just want to say thanks for making it with natural products, and WITHOUT the high fructose corn syrup. When I first tasted it, I said to my husband, ‘This is amazing, but there has to be HFCS in it.’ I was so excited (and surprised) when he checked the label and said ‘Nope, none in there’! My husband is a sauce fanatic -we have more variety in our fridge than do many grocery stores, but this has become our absolute favorite, and my only choice now. Thanks again for a great (and guilt-free!) product, and best wishes in growing your business! ( We buy ours at Southern Season in Chapel Hill, by the way. Is there anywhere else near Raleigh or Cary that sells it?)” Amy White

Of all the accolades that Slather Brand Foods is starting to receive, this is the highest honor and endorsement we can receive. It is a testament to the fact the we are achieving success and accomplishing what we set out to do…give families a great tasting product that is actually good for them. I am thrilled that Slatherin’ Sauce is the sauce of choice in your home.

Amy’s glowing love for Slatherin’ Sauce thrilled us to our saucy fingertips. Thank you Amy! Here’s a big shout-out to you for your fantastic support!

Slather Brand Foods in CharlestonCurrents.com

CharlestonCurrents.com the “twice-weekly publication that offers insightful community comment and good news on events, accolades and accomplishments” features the great accolades and news Slatherin’ Sauces and Slather Brand Foods have received in the recent months.

Thanks, Charleston Currents!

October 14, 2010 Charleston Currents Features Slather Brand
October 14, 2010 Charleston Currents Features Slather Brand

Don’t Label Me Exhibition in Berlin

Slather Brand Foods and our Original Slatherin’ Sauce were included in an exhibition at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin. The Don’t Label Me exhibit was celebrated in an opening on Sept. 23. While we weren’t able to attend the opening party, we know from the video that the event was rockin’ as you can see from the opening night party video posted on Oct. 13 at the Direktorenhaus blog.

Photos from the Don’t Label Me exhibt.

Slatherin' Sauces at the "Don't Label Me" Show in Berlin
We were honored to be included in this exhibition in Berlin.

Photos from exhibit in Germany.

Photo from Don't Label Me Exhibit

Photo from Don't Label Me exhibition

Honored by The Red Thread

The Red Thread by Dragon Rouge

The Original Slatherin’ Sauce’s creative packaging was recognized by The Red Thread, newsletter of Dragon Rouge, billed as “the leading privately owned brand consultancy in the world with global offices and cross-category expertise.”

Slatherin’ Sauce was singled out in the section of the newsletter labeled Trends.

“foundations — Slather Foods Slatherin’ Sauce

Slatherin’ Sauce’s vintage type is nostalgic while its tagline “the cure for boring food” reinvents tradition through a more contemporary lens, allowing consumers to shift from the complex reality of today towards a simpler time.”

Thank you Dragon Rouge for recognizing our roots.