Thankful and Humbled

Thanks, Ken

Ever get up in the morning and have your day made just by something someone says? Well, that’s how my day is today! Thanks to Charleston Post and Courier Columnist Ken Burger.

Ken Burger Post and Courier ColumnistKen interviewed me on Monday this week just as I was about to hit the tarmac and fly to London for the International Food and Drink Exhibition in London. His interview has become a wonderful story about how we’ve taken my ideas and turned them into Slatherin’ Sauce.

Ken’s column can be read on the Post and Courier’s website or you can read this PDF 2011-03-10-Burger Column Slatherin’ Sauce.


Certified South Carolina Honey Now in Slatherin’ Sauce

South Carolina Honey Now in Slatherin' Sauce

Bell Honey

Ever noticed how wonderfully sticky and slightly sweet Slatherin’ Sauce is? Why? Because every bottle of Slatherin’ Sauce is approximately 25% honey. Slatherin’ Sauce is produced in small batches and that means we need 22 gallons of honey for each bottling run. That’s a lot of work from the bees! **Fun fact below

Since our launch we’ve been searching for a South Carolina honey producer who can supply enough honey for Slatherin’ Sauce to use in our production.

Certified SC GrownAnd we are pleased to say that our new honey provider is a Certified South Carolina provider, Bell Honey of Rembert, South Carolina.

Craig Bell is the Beekeeper of Bell Honey. According to Bell Honey, “His colonies have grown so that he now tends over a thousand honeybee colonies scattered all over South Carolina… Many are strategically placed to pollinate South Carolina fruits and vegetables, including blackberries, blueberries, watermelons, squash, cucumbers, and strawberries and of course to make plenty of honey.”

Bell Honey is shipped to us as raw honey! Meaning that it has not been processed by anything other than a bee.

Beginning this month (March 2011) you will be enjoying actual tastes of South Carolina sunshine transmuted by bees into honey.

Fun Fact!

Q–How many flowers must a Honeybee visit to make one pound of Honey?


One gallon of honey weighs approximately 12 pounds. So, 22 gallons x 12 lbs. = 264 lbs x 2,000,000 flowers = 528,000,000 flowers visited!

Want more fun facts about honey? Visit Bell Honey’s website.

Holly Herrick’s Duck with Cherry Compote Recipe

Duck Breast with Slathered Fresh Cherry Compote and Triple Cream Brie Cheese

Just in time for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival, we have a luscious new recipe for you.

It’s no secret that we adore Holly Herrick.

Holly’s recipe development for Slather Brand Foods continues with our posting her delectable Duck with Spicy Cherry Compote served with wedges of lush triple cream Brie.

This recipe debuts the eye candy photos shot by Charleston’s own Tartlette, Helen DuJardin. Look for more of the astonishing work from these two talented ladies throughout the rest of the year, right here at

Oh, and make a note, “Tart Love”, Holly’s newest cookbook illustrated by Helen’s photos is due out in September 2011.

I know what my foodie friends are going to be getting for gifts come this fall!



Slatherin’ Sauce expands grocery and specialty retail distribution

March 1, Slatherin’ Sauce to be on shelves in 24 Kings Supermarkets and six Balducci’s Foodlover’s Markets and 29 new specialty retail outlets

Charleston, SC, February 27, 2011Robin Rhea, founder of Slather Brand Foods announces expanded distribution of Slatherin’ Sauce Original Recipe and Spicy. By March 1, 2011, the firm’s sauces will be on shelves at 24 Kings Supermarkets in the northeast as well as six Balducci’s Foodlover’s Markets.

Rhea also announces the addition of 29 new, specialty retail accounts gained at the January Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®.

Other Slather Brand Foods news includes representation by esteemed specialty food brokerage firm Santucci Associates, Inc. of Feasterville, PA. Santucci Associates is brokering the sale of Slatherin’ Sauce to supermarkets in Metro New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Medford, New Jersey firm, Haddon House Food Products, Inc., importers and distributors of gourmet specialty foods serving the grocery industry, is now Slather Brand Foods distributor.  According to Hoover’s Business Information, “Haddon House Food Products is a wholesale grocery distributor that specializes in ethnic food, gourmet ingredients, and organic products. It supplies more than 15,000 items encompassing several different brands, including Asian Gourmet, Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Seasonings, Medford Farms, and Twin Tree Gardens. Haddon House serves specialty food retailers and other retail grocers nationwide.”

“We couldn’t be more proud to be represented by our incredible broker and highly-respected distributor. Santucci Associates and Haddon House together are the perfect combination to help put Slatherin’ Sauce on major grocers’ shelves across the United States. And we are just as delighted with our growing representation on the shelves of gift and gourmet shops across the country too.”


About:  Established in 2009, Slather Brand Foods, Inc. is a spicy, sassy, specialty foods manufacturer based in Charleston, South Carolina whose products are made with premium all-natural, ingredients and utilize sustainable eco-friendly packaging.

The company’s flagship product is Original Recipe Slatherin’ Sauce, “The Cure for Boring Food®.”  Slatherin’ Sauce is a gourmet cooking and finishing sauce for everything from baked brie to wild boar. This sticky, sweet, slightly spicy sauce is a unique blend of honey, pineapple, tomatoes, crushed red pepper and spices. Slatherin’ Sauces are gluten free, preservative free, and free of high fructose corn syrup.

Other products are Spicy Recipe Slatherin’ Sauce and “Slather It On SM” merchandise.

Slather Brand Foods is a certified South Carolina product and a member of the South Carolina Specialty Food Association.

And the Silver Addy Goes to Slather Brand

[nggallery id=8]

Click photo to view full size.

In 2010 when we were ready to have a design created for our sauces, we were fortunate to connect with Adam Lynch and Todd Turner, local graphic designers. Their award-winning design work graces our bottles and website. Now operating as Food Fight, the firm specializes in package design.

This is not the first recognition of the excellent work Todd and Adam did for us. They’ve had their work recognized in The Red Thread and in Berlin.

Todd notified us that they had submitted the Slather Brand Original Slatherin’ Sauce for consideration by Charleston’s Advertising Federation and then let us know that it had been selected for a prize. Off we went to the Charleston Rifle Club, not knowing what level award we were winning.

The incredible creative talents of Charleston’s designers were on show for all to see! The competition was intense, and Slather Brand won a Silver Addy in packaging.

Thanks to Adam and Todd for great creativity!

Southeastern Wildlife Festival Here We Come!

Southeastern Wildlife Festival

The team at Slather Brand Foods will be out in full force at the Southeastern Wildlife Festival. Our booth will be out front of the Gailliard Auditorium in  Charleston where we’ll be exhibiting with our friends from the Certified South Carolina Specialty Foods Association.

We’ll be offering tastes of Slathered Quail made with Manchester Farms quail.

Manchester Farms Quail logo
Manchester Frams Quail Logo

More School Cafeterias Going Gluten Free

Selected Shelf TalkerTen years ago, most of us never heard of celiac disease or gluten, unless we were bread bakers. Today, going gluten free is one of the most highly talked about nutritional trends.

Some people choose to be gluten free, however there are those for whom being gluten free is imperative: people with celiac disease.

At Slather Brand Foods we advocate improved nutrition in our schools’ lunchrooms and cafeterias.

In Portland, Maine, one school is doing just that.

“Scarborough is among the Maine school districts that are adjusting their cafeteria options for a growing number of students who don’t eat gluten, a protein in wheat, rye, barley and triticale.

In addition to foods that obviously are made with those grains, gluten can be in condiments, luncheon meats and vitamins that contain additives like thickeners and binding agents.” Read the article.

We say, “Bravo,” to the Scarborough school district.

Domenick Celentano Features Slather Brand Foods on logo

Dom Celentano, the Foodpreneur, knows from first-hand family experience holding executive positions at Celentano Bros., Inc about developing new food products and bringing them to market. He teaches food entrepreneurship and consults, too. His website and weekly updates and knowledge posted on inform and inspire those seeking to learn how to bring a new food product to market.

Often the focus of his articles is a food entrepreneur who has solved the ICE puzzle: “Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship representing the elements of a successful food venture.”

Slather Brand Foods founder Robin Rhea is featured in this article from Dom Celentano.

Learn how Robin Rhea experienced her light-bulb moment and how she formulated her plans to bring you Slatherin’ Sauce. Read the article.

Thankful and Humbled

Thank you all for coming out and supporting us yesterday at Taco Spot. I am truly amazed by the turnout and the responses we got about Slatherin’ Sauce…and always humbled!!!! Despite the fact that the weather was so dismal, we had a great response and I think everyone had a good time. Lindsey and Jason of The Taco Spot did a fantastic job with the food.

We’ll have some photos posted from the event up on our Facebook page in the coming days. So, be on the lookout for those and tag yourself and your friends.

I especially loved meeting Pastor Chris and his son Chris (below) whose church will be having a mega Easter Egg drop this Easter time. Pastor Chris said, “Awesome people/awesome product!” They invited Slatherin’ Sauce to be there for the drop and so we’ll be coordinating that with them in the coming months.

PastorChris and Chris at Slather Partay Taco Spot 2-5-2011

We also had the pleasure of meeting JasonCZ (his Twitter handle) who took a photo of himself in his shirt that we gave him. Jason has the most lovely family, who were with him on Saturday.

JasonCZ in his Slatherin Shirt

I also want to say a very special thank you to my team who helped make the day awesome. Here is my right-hand and VP of Sales, Cheryl Savage! Cheryl thought of so much to make this event special. I jokingly call myself, the Queen of Slather and Cheryl the Princess of Slather.

Cheryl Savage at Taco Spot

Thank you again for supporting our efforts and making Slatherin’ Sauce a recognized brand!