The London Report: Slather Brand Foods at IFE

Chef Julius Russell Endorses Slatherin’ Sauce

Being out on the road, sharing Slatherin’ Sauce with great people as we do at our demos and tastings, we have the privilege of hearing over and over, “I love your sauce.” And when we hear it from professional chefs, our delight is magnified.

Chef Julius Russell Endorses Slatherin' SauceSo you can imagine how “over the moon” we are about being endorsed by Chef Julius Russell.

Slatherin’ Sauce is featured in Chef Julius’s article, There is a reason they name an entire season after it….GRILLING!

From his website we learned, “Chef Julius serves as owner of A Tale of Two Chefs, Executive Chef for KeHE Distributors and TV Host on the Big Ten Network. He serves as the consulting chef for Red Monkey Foods and Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet. In association with the Chilean Consulate & ProChile, he is a culinary ambassador that enthusiastically promotes the flavors of the country of Chile. Also, he serves as the Culinary Instructor the Common Ground Foundation.”

In his article on Grilling, Chef Julius discussed how he’s used Slatherin’ Sauce, “This sauce works really well with simply my salt and pepper. Once, I hit it with a bit of “Calvados” (apple brandy), and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!”

Here’s what Chef Julius wrote in his endorsement for Slatherin’ Sauce,

“So in thinking about “Slather Brand Slathering Sauces”, many wonderful thoughts come to mind. The ingredients, the taste, the packaging and the brand itself…all of these things make my job easier. I wear multiple hats. I own a private chef company. I host a television show on a national collegiate cable channel and I also serve as the Executive Chef for the largest specialty food distribution company. I work every day to provide great flavor to meals. I have tasted my share of sauces and have continued to make my own for some time. This is why I appreciate “Slather Brand” so much! It’s one of the few sauces that I feel, it works with me. I don’t have to fix it! It truly is a remedy. And it’s not just for boring food. It makes great food taste even better! Adding 2 tablespoons of sauce to 1 tablespoon of olive oil is a great way to help kids enjoy vegetables. Since all of the ingredients are natural, you are simply adding good stuff to things that are good for you. There is no end to how this sauce can be used. I have stopped making my own sauce. I even add some of the mild version to my Sun-dried Tomato Risotto with Fresh Herbs & Truffle Oil. One more added plus, is that the person behind the sauce is just as incredible. After tasting the sauce and two minutes with her, you will feel like she made the sauce specifically for you. Her blend of southern charm and pure passion is a perfect blend. Just like her sauce.”

Chef Julius, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enthusiasm! We know you’ll keep Slatherin’ It On!

Grinning Cheek to Cheek Features Slatherin’ Sauce

I get great inspiration from the other women I’ve met as I’ve been developing my business. Chief among those are the intrepid women who regularly blog about cooking and feeding their families.

Amy from GrinningCheekToCheekWe’ve recently met Amy (Grinning Cheek to Cheek) and love her notes about cooking for her family. Amy’s blog Grinning Cheek to Cheek is currently featuring a Give-Away of Slatherin’ Sauce (until June 13, 2011).

Amy used Slatherin’ Sauce on her Grilled Chicken. She reports, “It made for a fast and easy yet totally delicious meal!!”

As Amy says, “The way to a man’s Heart is through his Stomach, So when you’re looking for a great gift for your Dad, or just for around the house for a good meal – check out There you will find a list of retailers in your area who carry Slatherin’ Sauce – as well as being able to order this delicious sauce for delivery to your doorstep!”

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks Amy!

New sales locations added

We’ve been enjoying a great spring here at Slather Brand Foods. Our distribution has been growing and we’ve added new locations across the eastern part of the Unites States.

In the coming weeks our fans can find Slatherin’ Sauce on the shelves in these great stores:

The greatest city in the world demands a world-class marketplace – with the convenience of a neighborhood supermarket!

With 16 stores conveniently located throughout Manhattan, The Food Emporium name is synonymous with fine food, exceptional quality, service, taste and style. Come discover decadent delicacies from around the globe. Savor a warm, rich inviting environment designed to stimulate your senses – and your appetite!


Acme Markets, a SUPERVALU company, operates 126 stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, employing over 16,000 associates.  With a marketleading position in the Delaware Valley, Acme offers consumers fresh and convenient supermarket solutions, in addition to services such as Sav-on Pharmacies at select locations.  Established in 1891, the company and its associates remain committed to the communities they serve, contributing more than $4 million each year to a variety of local charitable causes.  For more information about Acme, please visit

Who are we? Well, we seek out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. Add to that the excitement and fun we bring to shopping for groceries, and you start to get a sense of what we’re all about. Oh yeah, we’re a mission-driven company too. If you are interested in learning about our business practices and what makes us tick, check out our Core Values, Quality Standards, Declaration of Interdependence, and more.

We’ll be updating our Where to Buy page with these locations. In the meantime, if you want Slatherin’ Sauce on the shelves of your favorite upscale grocery, please contact us.

USDA Features Slather Brand in Blog Article

We’ve blogged about Slather Brand Food’s trip to London for the International Food Exhibition (IFE), which took place in March, and now we are very pleased to announce that the USDA features us in their blog article about the trip.

“The United Kingdom (UK) has long played an important role in U.S. agricultural exports. This history dates back to the completion of the Erie Canal in the early 1800s, which linked the Great Lakes to the Atlantic seaboard, significantly increasing the export of food, particularly Midwestern wheat, to England.

To this day, the United Kingdom offers tremendous opportunities for U.S. agriculture and the United States exports more than $1.6 billion annually in agricultural, fish and forestry products to the UK. Many of these products are showcased each year during USDA-endorsed trade shows, such as the International Food Exhibition (IFE), which took place in London in March.

Nineteen U.S. companies participated in the U.S. Pavilion, including 11 new-to-market and new-to-export companies. Several U.S. companies were lucky enough to meet with the Olympic Organizing Committee that had a team looking for products to be used at the Summer Olympics in London in 2012. The exhibition produced $469,000 in on-site sales and $1.9 million in projected 12-month sales.”  Click to read the entire USDA blog post.

Chef Robin Rhea

It’s no secret that people are loving Slatherin’ Sauce all across the country in all kinds of recipes. Some people say we’re a barbecue sauce, and we’ve agreed to disagree on that point, because we’re an “everything” sauce made all that much better because of Chef Robin’s passion! It would be hard to measure how much of that is in every bottle.

In January when she appeared in Atlanta demonstrating her recipe for Slathered Shrimp atop Pimento Cheese Grits, Chef Robin wowed the audience. Many there were calling her the next Paula Deen or Rachael Ray. We agree. In this new video, it’s easy to tell that Chef Robin is a woman of conviction who is true to her farm-to-table local roots.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Get it at the Pig!

Piggly Wiggly-Selling Slatherin' SaucePiggly Wigglys in Charleston were the first to put Slatherin’ Sauce on the shelves. The “Harbor View Pig” has been one of our most loyal accounts.

Get Slatherin’ Sauce at Your Pig!

Now we’re delighted to report that Slatherin’ Sauce can be on the shelves of every Piggly Wiggly! How? Just by your asking for it!

Our distributor, Haddon House, now has Slatherin’ Sauce posted to the available inventory for any Piggly Wiggly…all you have to do is ask the store manager for Slatherin’ Sauce and all the manager has to do is order it from Haddon House.

How to Get Slatherin’ Sauce at your Pig

We’re asking you, our super, always wonderful, incredible fans and friends to start a campaign to request Slatherin’ Sauce at YOUR local Piggly Wiggly. Here’s how:

  1. Ask your Piggly Wiggly store manager to stock Slatherin’ Sauce.
  2. Share the love, go to the Piggly Wiggly Facebook page and “Like” them, and tell them you want Slatherin’ Sauce at your Pig.
  3. Then come to this blog post, and leave your name, the Store/Location you asked to stock Slatherin’ Sauce.

At the end of 30 days, we’ll draw from the fan names below and send a gift pack of Slatherin’ Sauce to the lucky winner!


Slatherin’ Sauce in Every Day with Rachael Ray!

When I was giving a cooking demo back in January, many people in the audience asked, “Are you related to Rachael Ray”? I got a huge chuckle out of that. We do spell our names differently, but still, we have the same initials…so maybe it’s just fate that our first major national media mention is in EveryDay with Rachael Ray‘s magazine.

Atlanta Food critic John Kessler was in Charleston and authored this article. The article on Charleston has captured so much of what we love about life here.

We’re over the moon with delight and thank our friends at Whole Foods for pointing us out to Rachael Ray’s team.

Slatherin' Sauce in EveryDay with Rachael Ray
Slatherin' Sauce is included in a list of Charleston made products.

Enjoy the article via PDF clipping from the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau.




Miss in the Kitchen and Hawaiian Pizza

Via Facebook, we *met* Milisa, a wonderful food blogger who is super creative, not to mention kind. Milisa sampled Slatherin’ Sauce and has created her own recipe for Hawaiian Pizza.

Miss in the Kitchen's Hawaiian Pizza made with Slatherin' Sauce
Hawaiian Pizza Photo and Recipe by Miss in the Kitchen

Do jump on over to Miss in the Kitchen and take notes, ’cause you’re gonna want to create this pizza for your family this weekend.

The London Report: Slather Brand Foods at IFE

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Taking Slatherin’ Sauce to The International Food & Drink Event in London was a thrill! It would have been fun to have taken all of our friends with us to London, but since you couldn’t go there with me, I thought I’d share all the news and reactions.

We arrived early and took a few days to explore and get settled into the time change. We had so much fun adventuring around London.

One of the great highlights of my trip was a visit to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Canary Wharf. The chef signed a menu for us and is excited to be be getting his own bottle of Slatherin’ Sauce that was delivered  to him after the show! We dined on large green olives from Puglia with Jamie’s’ special sundried tomato tapenade and crisp Sardinian Music bread, scallops with squid ink angel hair pasta, prosciutto, pear,and pecorino salad, and South Coast Frito Misto mixed crispy fried fresh fish of the day served with tartar sauce and lemon…plate included whole large prawns and sardines…delicious!!!…all this enjoyed with a lovely Prosecco from Jamie’s special cellar…Who need champagne?

We went to Central London to explore Parliament and Westminster.  The architecture and sculptures took my breath away. It was a very exciting time to be in London..everything was abuzz with plans for the Royal Wedding..Kate is so lovely!!! I am so excited for them.  Just as I was glued to the TV when the beloved Diana married the Prick of Wales so will I be glued to it when the beautiful Prince William marries the lovely and graceful Kate Middleton.

On Saturday, I set up the booth.. then it was nothing but serious work. I must admit it was a bit intimidating when I walked into the Grand Hall to find my display area within Southern US Trade Association. But once I got my booth set-up and saw how wonderful it looked, I was ready!

The exhibition was a blast! Slatherin’ Sauce was a run-away hit with hundreds who came by and tasted (hey, it might have even been in the thousands!) Our biggest new fans came from three different sections of the culinary world. Owners of curry shops were wild for Slatherin’ Sauce. They loved the flavor that Slatherin’ Sauce added to their Indian dishes.

Did you know that TexMex is a growing trend in popular cuisine in the UK? Neither did I! But we learned that TexMex restaurants owners thought Slatherin’ Sauce was the perfect companion sauce for all their Texican dishes.

Finally, we had lots of tastings sessions with food service professionals who found the flavor profile of Slatherin’ Sauce was something they want to offer their diners as a finishing sauce to add flavor at the table.

After three jam packed days of talking about Slatherin’ Sauce, we packed up everything and caught our plane for home.

Hopefully in the coming months, Slatherin’ Sauce will be available at many locations in the UK and I’ll be reflecting on all the wonderful days we spent, Slatherin’ It On in London!