Alice (Ally) D’Antoni Phillips Gives Slatherin’ Sauce Mad Props

Mommy of 1 and Counting Reviews Slatherin’ Sauce

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Word is getting out among bloggers that Slatherin’ Sauce is awesome. Blogger and Mom Heather said:

“This is the PERFECT sauce. It hits all the taste buds…

They also have a spicy version, but this one had enough of a kick for me.

It was a very good sauce and I LOVED it!!”

Thanks Heather for your enthusiastic endorsement of Slatherin’ Sauce! We make our Original and Spicy for families just like yours!

Heather is offering a give-away of a gift pack of Slatherin’ Sauce. Head on over to her blog to check out her review and enter to win!

Slatherin’ Sauce on Shelves at The Fresh Market

Coming soon to a Fresh Market near you! 

The Fresh Market will sell Slatherin' Sauce

Creating, marketing and representing Slatherin’ Sauce is what I’m passionate about. It is my way to bring what I value in life to tables across the country. Over the last 18 months, I’ve had one of the most ambitious journeys of my career and life, and it continues to be way more than interesting!

Shopping at The Fresh Market

One phone call and an order later, it’s confirmed: Slatherin’ Sauce is now going to be sold at The Fresh Market. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

So, all of you who’ve been looking for Slatherin’ Sauce in your area: we are adding  more than 100 stores to the locations where Slatherin’ Sauce is sold, so one is bound to be near you. And undoubtedly, as The Fresh Market grows, you’ll find Slatherin’ Sauce  in ever increasing locations.

We share Southern roots

The Fresh Market’s story is one of inventiveness and creativity. Late last year the Greensboro, North Carolina company had an IPO that resulted in huge interest.

“In the past ten years, The Fresh Market has tripled its store base to one hundred stores. Considering only three states, Florida (24 stores), Georgia (15 stores) and North Carolina (10 stores) comprise 49% of their store base, the rest of the United States offers ample ground for expansion…”

It may be a few weeks until the our distinctive bottles appear on the shelves of your Fresh Market, but keep looking for it, and by all means, ask!

Photo credit: flickr user NatalieMaynor

Healthy BBQ Tips Features Slatherin’ Sauce

Mareya Ibrahim The Fit Foody (@fitfoody on Twitter and Facebook) is featured on a regular segment to San Diego 6 Morning News. On Monday, 18 July, she presented a segment on healthy BBQ.

Mareya Ibrahim The Fit Foody features Slatherin' Sauce on SanDiego6

Slatherin’ Sauce was featured in the segment. Our sauce was selected from many products submitted in response to Mareya’s search for natural, health-conscious products to use at your cook-out. We were honored to be selected from a vast array of submissions, by this phenomenal woman who is on a mission tho help us all “Eat Cleaner.”

Mareya posted her kudos of Slatherin’ Sauce to her blog:

Make it full of flavor: Let your bbq take you on a culinary journey with the right flavors…Slatherin Sauce is a is a gluten free, preservative free, all natural, grilling and finishing sauce with down home flavor, made from an heirloom recipe from South Carolina…

We expect to be sharing the video with you just as soon as it is posted by San Diego 6 Morning News.

Stay tuned for more!

Chick ‘n Savvy Reviews Loves Slatherin’ Sauce

ChicnSavvy Reviews Blog

We love our blogger friends who are sharing the Slather Brand Foods love with their readers. Blogger Kelsey of Chic ‘n Savvy Reviews has a Slatherin’ Sauce Giveaway running over at her blog. She’s giving away a Gift Pack of Slatherin’ Sauce to the winner and that could be you! The give-away entries will be accepted until August 1, 2011.

Kelsey wrote about Slatherin’ Sauce,

“This sauce is really good, it has such a nice sweet and a hint of spice to it. I love how it stuck on the meat, and really gave the Pork Loin a whole new flavor! I would recommend trying out their Slatherin’ Sauces if you want new flavor to foods! Of course know this sauce is good on many other foods, beside bbq! That is just how I tested it out at first 🙂 I know we will be playing around more with this Sauce in the future!!”

Thanks, Kelsey, we thank you for Slatherin’ It On and sharing your thoughts with your thousands of readers!

Specialty Food Show Report


This is Slather Brand Foods second summer Specialty Food Show. To say we are jazzed to be here would be an understatement. We are working full force…great opportunities with distributors  brokers, exporters, retailers.

The interest in SBF is nothing short of amazing!

Everyone was looking forward to the 2011 sofi award ceremony and the announcement of the Gold winners. While our own Charleston based Callie’s Biscuits did not take home a gold for their amazing biscuits, we love her and her products which exemplify and define the specialty food trade.

We are coming back pumped full if excitement and energy at all the new possibilities and opportunities we’ve encountered!

Slather It On at Atlanta Metro Cooking Show

We had a great time earlier this spring at the Atlanta Metropolitan Cooking Show. William Medved took this video and shared it via his Vimeo page and we’re sharing it here for you.


Slather Brand Foods from Willam Medved on Vimeo.

Don’t rub it in, slather it on! The versatility of this sauce lets you slather it on anything, from warm breads to wild game meat. All natural, eclectic ingredients such as garlic and pineapple – you’ll love it!


Slatherin’ It On at the Taste of Chicago with Chef Julius

We’ve got our traveling shoes on and we’re on the road. This week, not only do we have many tasting and demo events in New Jersey and environs, we join up with our friend Chef Julius Russell of A Tale of Two Chefs for The Taste of Chicago!

The “Taste of Chicago” is the world’s largest celebration of food. Each year, on average, more than 3 million people visit the “Taste”.  On June 30th at 4:30pm, Chef Julius will be the headlining chef at the Dominick’s Cooking Corner. His live cooking demonstration will include showcasing new recipes and giving great cooking/grilling tips. And I’ll be right there with him. Chef Julius will also give out a “chef goodie bag” to those who are in the pavilion and Slatherin’ Sauce will be part of it!

Share the news with all your friends up in Chicagoland. Come out out and experience Slatherin’ Sauce with Chef Julius and me.


Charleston Food Blogger Loves Slatherin’ Sauce

Y’all, the word is out among so many food bloggers that Slatherin’ Sauce is great for just about all your cooking. Charleston Food Bloggers’ Scott Wink authored an awesome post about how he used Slatherin’ Sauce to spice up his cookout. Scott, we want some of those ribs! Click this link to read Scott’s blog about how he cooked ribs using Slatherin’ Sauce.

Charleston Food Bloggers  Slatherin  Sauce and Pig Swig  2 ways SC spices up your summer

Thanks, Scott!

Alice (Ally) D’Antoni Phillips Gives Slatherin’ Sauce Mad Props

Alice D'Antoni Phillips Master Chef Season 2 CompetitorI love watching television shows about cooking and and eating. So when Alice D’Antoni Phillips met our Slatherin’ Sauce demo team member Dwayne in Myrtle Beach and said, “I love your product, and would love to support you in any way I can,” we were intrigued. You see, Ally is one of the 100 finalists who were considered for MasterChef, the Fox television show where home cooks compete to show what they have. We’re eagerly watching the show to see how the competition goes.

Ally used Slatherin’ Sauce to cook ribs for her Memorial Day cook-out and she said. “Slather Brand bottle was on our table last night as we pulled the ribs off the grill…talk about the ‘sounds’ coming from everyone…no words, just sounds…uuuummmmmm,  oohhhhhhhhh, uuutttuuutttuttt…”

Ally used Slatherin’ Sauce to create her own recipe for roast chuck called “Drunken Slather Stringy Beef.” We asked her if we could share her recipe with you and like the gracious lady that she is, she said, “yes.”

Alice D'Antoni Phillips Slatherin' Sauce Beef

Drunken Slather Stringy Beef
a recipe created by Alice D’Antoni Phillips

Serves: 6 (unless you have people like me who eat Paul Bunyan portions!)

“Drunken Slather Stringy Beef is kinda the epitome of “Bohemian Bold”…taking a ‘peasant’ cut of meat and bringing it to the next level of gourmet and exquisite in its taste and presentation! **Robin’s note for more photos, please view Ally’s Kitchen album.

One thing that I’ve discovered is a product called “Slather Brand”…and, boy, does this take food from being hummmmdrummmm and mundane to having a real buzzzzzz of talk happening! And, it’s talk about how GOOD the food is!

I decided to take a chuck roast, which is a very inexpensive cut of meat, and ratchet it up to luxurious…here’s what you do!”

What you need:
2 to 2 1/2 lb chuck roast
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Kosher salt/pepper
1 1/2 tsp garam masala (you can get at WM & Sonoma…it’s a combo of Bohemian spices!)
1 cup red wine (I used cabernet)
1 medium shallot diced
4 medium garlic cloves sliced crossways thin
12 oz of Slather Spicy Sauce
Green onions/tops chiffonade cut for garnish

NOTE: Garam masala in Hindi means ‘hot mixture’…it’s a blend of ground spices from North Indian and South Asian cuisines…try it…awesome!! It’s pungent ‘hot’ rather than chili pepper ‘hot’!

What you do:
Place chuck roast in roasting pan w/lid. Put EVOO in pan. Rub into meat the garam masala, salt and pepper( both sides). Place shallots and garlic on top of meat. Pour red wine over meat. Cover w/lid and allow to marinade for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Meat should be so tender it just falls apart when separated with a fork!

Pre-heat oven to 300. Cover tightly and let roast cook slowly for 2 hours. Remove and drain off all but about 1/2″ of the broth into another container. Pour on Slather Brand Hot Sauce and blend excess into broth. Cover and allow to rest for about 20 minutes.
You may want to add back some of the broth that was reserved.
Garnish with chiffonade cut green onions.

I served with purple/green cabbage/cuke/carrot slaw and oven roasted crispy red skin potatoes!

The Slather Sauce is great for dipping the potatoes!!”

Recipe and photos courtesy of Alice D’Antoni Phillips. For More from Ally, go to her Facebook Page