Creative Cocktail Pairing for Slathered Tacos

Slatherin’ Sauce Called “The Best BBQ Sauce in America” logo

Food writer Warren Bobrow who is in Charleston as one of the judges in the competitions at The BB&T Charleston Wine & Food Festival writes,

“You haven’t lived the barbecue life until you Slather It On with this amazing sauce,”

in his article on titled “Slatherin’ Sauce from Charleston, SC- The BEST BBQ Sauce in America!


It makes me shiver with delight to be called “the best!” Warren visited me at The BB&T Charleston Wine & Food Festival and we had a wonderful time—and you can bet we were licking our fingers! Want to know what he said?

“As I [Warren writes] said…  I love Slatherin’ Sauce, especially the spicy version- for the tangy, tomato driven aroma and sweet hit of the spices- along with pineapple and honey.   (This sauce just ROCKS!)

“This “anything but traditional” barbeque sauce is a natural for all kinds of foods that need a bit of perking up.

“Charleston has become a veritable Mecca for barbecue heads of all ages.  I think that Robin Rhea’s sauce (Robin owns the company) is just marvelous.”

Thank you Warren for these wonderful thoughts and for your recipe using Slatherin’ Sauce in a smoky sweet cocktail.

Take a stroll on over to and read the glowing words from Warren.

Legare Farms Fall Harvest Dinner

Helen Legare invited me to participate in Legare Farms Fall Harvest Dinner. I’ll be using Legare Farms beef to create “Slather Burger Sliders.” This great event is one that’s close to my heart. Helen and I both are John’s Island girls who care deeply about teaching children about where their food comes from. Her Foundation will be using the proceeds from this dinner to do just that.

According to Helen’s information, “Legare Farms Education Foundation is celebrating the fall harvest with a “Meet the Farmer” social followed by dinner on November 6, 2011. The social will start at 4:00 pm followed by dinner at 5:00 pm.”

Farmers participating include:

Chef Fred Nueville from The Fat Hen
Chef Micah Garrison from the Middleton Place Restaurant
Chef Craig Deihl from Cypress Restaurant
Chef Jacques Larson from Wild Olive Restaurant
Chef John Ondo from Lana Restaurant
Chef Craig and Stephanie Bente from Main Street Restaurant
Chef Nathan Thurston from The Ocean Room at Kiawah
Sarah O’kelley from the Glass Onion
Chef Nico Romo from Fish Restaurant
Chef Robin Rhea from Slather Brand Foods
Chef Drew Hedlund from Fleet Restaurant
Chef Andy Harris from Funky Little Kitchen Restaurant

“This dinner will consist of dishes prepared from Legare Farms’ beef, pork and fall harvest vegetables. The dishes will be prepared by some of Charleston’s finest chefs. The proceeds from this event will go to Legare Farms Education Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit initiative whose mission is to help raise awareness and educate Lowcountry communities and school children on the agricultural history and heritage of this region and the need to maintain this heritage for future generations.”

“Legare Farms was established in 1725 and has been continuously operated as a working family farm. Linda, Helen, and Thomas Legare are the ninth generation of Legares to farm on Johns Island.”

“The event will be held at Legare Farms picnic area under a large tent. Dress is casual. Local beer and wine will be available, but guests can bring a favorite wine to have with dinner.”

“Tickets for the dinner may be purchased by calling Legare Farms at 843-559-0788. The cost of the event is $60.00 per person. For more information contact Legare Farms at 843-559-0788.”

Map Directions from Google Maps

Slatherin’ Sauce Reviewed by Goodies for Gifts

Goodies for Gifts

As an entrepreneur, I’ve found that relationships with my customers and with bloggers have helped us grow our brand’s awareness among those who are gluten-intolerant, or those who watch what they eat. We’ve also learned that many of you avidly follow food bloggers, trying the products that they recommend.

We’re delighted to announce that Slatherin’ Sauce has been reviewed by Goodies for Gifts, a new site run by Lynn, who writes,

“I want to review local businesses with delicious foods that can be ordered online and sent anywhere in the United States. My advice combined with fabulous foods will make you the most popular gift giver around!”

Lynn says about Slatherin’ Sauce:

“I would describe the Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce as sweet and spicy. Our favorite part of the sauce was the texture. It is a unique blend of all natural ketchup, gobs of natural honey, sweet pineapple, crushed red peppers, garlic, and other spices. The ingredients are visible with the naked eye, making this sauce as close to homemade as you can get. It’s important to highlight that all Slatherin’ Sauces are gluten free and contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial coloring or flavors.”

We appreciate the bloggers of the net who graciously review and share Slatherin’ Sauce with their readers.

Review by Gameday Goodness

Tailgatin' comes before Charleston's own Citadel Bulldogs take the field. We think our pretty blue labels match the guys jerseys.

We’ve been delighted to receive a wonderful review from Gameday Goodness extolling the joined virtues of Holly Herrick, our fave cookbook author and recipe developer for Slather Brand Foods, and Slatherin’ Sauce.

“When I first think about game day, I of course conjure up visions of glory, where my team annihilates their competition, making play after fabulous play and never looking stupid. Aaaannd since THAT rarely happens, then my thoughts next turn to food.

Here in the south, I’d wager it’s a close race between which is more important – eating or football. The combination of the two is a hallowed institution called tailgating. And in case you weren’t sure before, now you know that tailgating is not a hobby in the South; it’s a religion. The best goodies come out on Gameday and the combo I’m about to share with you is a game changer in its own right.”

“And since I love food AND football, and since I especially love the combination of the two, I’m thinking the Holly and Slatherin’ team is the ticket to Total. Tailgate. Domination.

We really appreciate the awesome remarks she shares about Slatherin’ Sauce. Please go read the full post Gameday Gastronomy.

Photo credit: flickr user R C Photos


Slatherin’ Sauce Featured on The Knack

the knack  Slather Brand Sauces   Keep the  Cue Going All Autumn Long
Blogger “Stephanie Dickison has been on the lookout for cool stuff since she was 12 and wore Sophia Loren-sized glasses and tried to rock an asymmetrical haircut (it didn’t work out, much like her romance with Adrian in the 7th grade, despite the ice skating date at Lawrence Park). Her blog “the knack debuted in August 2006. It’s a daily guide (including weekends!) to what’s new and hot.”

Stephanie has thousands following her and reading her recommendations on a regular basis. So when she reached out to us to review Slatherin’ Sauce, we were so excited. Her resulting review points out the great reasons to use Slatherin’ Sauce. And Stephanie, you are right, now that fall is here, you can use Slatherin’ Sauce for “something heartier.”

“Just because it’s cooling down doesn’t mean you can’t still barbeque and grill outside. But you’re going to need to kick it up a notch. After all, a summer full of delicate fish and grilled chicken for salads is fine when it’s hot out, but you’re going to want something a little heartier, a little more decadent than that.

That’s why I’m using Slather Brand Sauces.”

Way to go Stephanie! Thanks for your endorsement!

You can keep up with Stephanie on Facebook and on her blog.

Slather Brand Foods Sponsors “Rub My Rib”

Y’all know I love fun events and this one which starts with a great sense of humor is one we know will be a stand-out.


Rub My Rib to benefit Communities in Schools

As a former teacher, it’s important to me that all children get the education that helps them be the best people they can be. Communities in Schools does just that by helping at-risk youth to remain in school.

There will be a rib cook-off with local restaurants vying for two titles and bragging rights. My mouth is watering now just imagining the moist, tasty morsels plucked from those smoky ribs.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and register (FREE) for Rub My Rib and look for our Slatherin’ Sauce to be Slatherin’ It On in support of education for all!

Grilling with Rich Reviews Slatherin’ Sauce


Prominent barbecue blogger Richard Wachtel met us earlier this year at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC. We had a great time getting to know Rich and were delighted to share Slatherin’ Sauce with him to evaluate.

Since then we’ve been looking forward to reading Rich’s review of Slatherin’ Sauce. Now the wait is over! And Rich, we thank you because we are thrilled that you love Slatherin’ Sauce. Here’s a short part of what Rich writes about our sauce:

“Once we tasted the barbecue sauce, we wondered what was that perfect combination of sweetness and tangy barbecue flavoring? After taking a look at the ingredients we noticed that the ingredients included Pineapple and Honey. We thought to ourselves, what a interesting but great combination of flavors. One wouldn’t think to use those two flavors together but they surely do work together.”

We would add that Slatherin’ Sauce makes a great barbecue sauce, but why just limit it to that? When I created Slatherin’ Sauce, my vision for it was as a grilling and finishing sauce that can be used in multiple ways. Our fans have told us they love it for so many reasons and have shared their recipes.  Our retail sales locations are increasing every day and if you don’t find it on the shelves of your favorite Acme, Fresh Market or Whole Foods, or Kings; let the store manager that you want them to Slather It On and have them get in touch with us.

Thanks again to Rich for sharing the love of Slatherin’ Sauce with his fans and followers!

Rachel’s Reviews LOVES Slatherin’ Sauce

Giveaway Rachels Review  Slatherin’ Sauce

Blogger Rachel of Rachel’s Reviews and Giveaways recently asked me if we’d be interested in sharing a gift pack of Slatherin’ Sauce with her as a promotion that she could give away on her site. We were delighted to do so because we were sure she’d love the tangy sweet and spicy taste of Slatherin’ Sauce!

Rachel and her husband and their dog.

Rachel said

“…Slatherin’ Sauce didn’t disappoint. In fact, it genuinely wowed us and my picky husband was singing its praises and asking for seconds…

All of the ingredients on the list are pronounceable real foods, no chemicals or high fructose corn syrup! I just checked the ingredients on a major brand of barbecue sauce in my pantry, and the FIRST ingredient was high fructose syrup. Gross.

…we both loved the flavor and I value my family’s health too much to be consuming large amounts of HFCS. I think this would really wow everyone at our next Gators tailgate (sorry Slatherin’ Sauce, I hope you aren’t Gamecocks fans!).”

Rachel, we’re so delighted that you’ve experienced the delightful taste of Slatherin’ Sauce and are telling your faithful readers about your enjoyment of it that we’ll forgive you for lovin’ the Gators as much as Slatherin’ Sauce.

New ways to use Slatherin’ Sauce

The only note we’d add to your fabulous review is a note to try Slatherin’ Sauce’s super recipes–especially the Spicy Slathered Dark Chocolate Truffles developed by cookbook author Holly Herrick, especially for us. And if you need more inspiration for a whole host of alternatives to your own “Lazy Chicken”, our website has a full range of tempting ways to use Slatherin’ Sauce.


Creative Cocktail Pairing for Slathered Tacos

On Foodista, our foodwriter friend and colleague Warren Bobrow did us a great honor and said tacos made with Slatherin’ Sauce would be just the accompaniment for the Mercadito cocktail he enjoyed in New Orleans at Tales of the Cocktail. Warren, how we wish we’d been there with you to hear all the conversations and experience the creative pairings of spirits and luscious ingredients.

We think this cocktail sounds lovely and so refreshing and bracing—just what we need in the summertime.  Look at some of the fresh ingredients in Warren’s photo!

Get out your shakers! I think it’s Mercaditos all around!