September 13 is National Celiac Awareness Day

Smoke On The Water – 1st Annual BBQ Cook Off Invitational

Smoke-on-the-Water-BBQ Competition

Smoke on the Water is being held by the South Carolina Specialty Food Association. The first part of the event is the Friday night “Wing Fling” which takes place Friday, September 21 beginning at 6pm at 302 Artisans. 302 Artisans which is first exclusive South Carolina Specialty Food Association (SCSFA) store in the state where all food and beverage items sold are products of SCSFA members.  302 Artisans is also the event host. Whole Foods Market is donating 5,000 wings to all of the teams competing in the cook off. Slather Brand Foods is in the competition and we will be Slatherin’ some wings Friday night. We will also be competing in the BBQ competition on Saturday morning.

To all our Slather It On friends in the Columbia, South Carolina area, do come on out and say hello and enjoy some great BBQ.

Encore Magazine Promotes the Cape Fear Wildlife Foundation Wild Game and Seafood Banquet

A few weeks ago I shared my excitement at being invited to participate in the upcoming Cape Fear Wildlife Foundation Wild Game and Seafood Banquet. The event is Saturday, 15 September in Wilmington, North Carolina. Encore Magazine in Wilmington has written a great piece sharing additional insights into the event. If you are in the coastal North Carolina area or in the Grand Strand, this will be a fun, and beneficial event. I hope you will attend.

Shea Carver of Encore wrote:

Robin Rhea of Slather Brand Foods will be in attendance from Charleston S.C., with her famed shrimp and grits, which include pimiento cheese and Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce. “This dish reflects both my deep Southern and coastal heritage and is one that we love sharing with others,” Rhea says. “The rich grits with the pimiento cheese is topped with delicious sweet shrimp that have been slathered in sauce that caramelizes and provides a flavor profile of sweet heat.”

Will I see you this coming Saturday at the Banquet? I hope so!

Tickets can be purchased by e-mailing [email protected] or calling910-795-0292 or 843-902-6532.

September 13 is National Celiac Awareness Day

Slather Brand Foods Recognizes Celiac Awareness Day

National Celiac Awareness day is September 13th according to the Celiac Sprue Awareness Association.

The date of September 13 was chosen because it honors the birthday of Samuel Gee, MD a British physician and pediatrician. Dr. Gee published the first modern description of the clinical picture of celiac disease and is credited with being the first to identify the link between celiac disease and diet. One of Gee’s famous quotes on celiac disease is “if the patient can be cured at all, it must be by means of diet.”

The increased awareness of this disease has helped more be diagnosed and avoid consuming gluten, allowing their bodies to heal.

Slather Brand Foods supports those who avoid consuming gluten by making all our products gluten free.

We’d love to hear your stories of how you became aware of the issues in your life. Will you share them with us here? Tell us how you have adapted your eating preferences and recipes to support your healing.

In the meantime, we share these tips on how to celebrate National Celiac Awareness day from the Celiac Sprue Awareness Association:


  • Sponsor a party complete with gluten-free cake.
  • Have a gluten-free baking contest.
  • Talk to a local class telling them about Samuel Gee and his contribution
    to medicine.
  • Create a display in a public library, clinic or shopping area and promote
    Dr. Gee’s 173 rd birthday!

We look forward to hearing from you!