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Creative Cocktail Pairing for Slathered Tacos

On Foodista, our foodwriter friend and colleague Warren Bobrow did us a great honor and said tacos made with Slatherin’ Sauce would be just the accompaniment for the Mercadito cocktail he enjoyed in New Orleans at Tales of the Cocktail. Warren, how we wish we’d been there with you to hear all the conversations and experience the creative pairings of spirits and luscious ingredients.

We think this cocktail sounds lovely and so refreshing and bracing—just what we need in the summertime.  Look at some of the fresh ingredients in Warren’s photo!

Get out your shakers! I think it’s Mercaditos all around!

Nifty ways of getting ready for school lunch packing


Back to Packing School Lunch

Here in South Carolina, many schools return to classes in August. In Charleston County that’s August 16. Hard to believe that summer’s over for school children and parents in this part of the world. Many years I, too, was preparing to return to the classroom. I taught special education classes to children, later going on to be a Master Teacher instructing students at The College of Charleston. However, nowadays, my focus is on Slather Brand Foods and my twin passion, promoting healthful eating for families.

If you’re like me, you’d rather your kids eat lunches that help them stay healthy. Planning your children’s lunches on a weekly scheduling and shopping for all that you need at one time will help you stay on track. Also, making sure you have the right lunch kit or lunch box or bag can help keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Superheros Superseded by Japan

Back when I was going to school, everyone wanted a metal lunchbox with their favorite superhero or Barbie stenciled on the exterior. A great idea that has crossed the Pacific is the use of a Bento Box to contain packed lunches. These nested boxes present food like a gift (which is what it is—a gift of health for your children.) Today there are insulated bags, Thermos bowls, and frozen gel packs to help keep lunches to the appropriate temperature. With all the handy ways to pack lunch, you’re only limited by your creativity!

If your child who likes soup, you can pack their insulated bowl with some of your homemade soup. OR you can portion out leftovers from your yummy homemade dinner and heat that up and pack. If your kids will only eat sandwiches, roast a hen on Sunday then slice from it to build freshly roasted chicken sandwiches. You can also experiment with wonderfully flavored hummus and crispy veggies in a sandwich. And there are other nut butters other than peanut.

I love that Disney has some great lunch ideas. The most intriguing to me is the one for Sesame Peanut Noodles (Providing your child doesn’t have allergies to peanuts and gluten!) And the Chicken Ravioli Soup will have your kids licking their Thermoses.

7 Tips to Help You Pack Healthful Lunches for Your Kids

  1. Shop for a snazzy lunch box for your kids
  2. Get freezable gel packs to keep food cold
  3. Get Thermos lunch bowls to keep hot food hot
  4. Review interesting lunch ideas across the web
  5. Make a weekly shopping list for school lunches
  6. Plan each day’s lunch and stick to it
  7. Don’t cave in to demands for too many processed foods

Superman Lunchbox Photo credit: flickr user hyku

Grilled Fish

Grilled Salmon

Grilling fish doesn’t have to be difficult!

Fish on the grill is a favorite of many. And that includes me!

Getting fresh fish for the grill is easy when you live on the coast or have a fisherman in your family. However, there are alternatives that you can resort to if you live inland and have no local fish market.

Many of the large discount warehouse stores have flash-frozen fish in vacuum-sealed single portions. These work great for times when you want fresh fish and can’t find it locally. Just thaw them in a basin of cold water, and you’ve got fresh fish for dinner.

So now that you have fresh fish and you want to grill it, how can you do so successfully?

10 Tips For Great Grilled Fish

  1. Have the right tools. Get a good digital grilling thermometer so you don’t have to rely on sight or touch to tell you when the fish is ready. Also, get good long marinate brush, handled tongs and spatula to insure safety when reaching across the grill. That also goes for silicon heat-proof mitts to handle everything with.
  2. Type of fish. Select firm fleshed fish, such as salmon, grouper, snapper, cod, or halibut. These fish can be obtained as either thick fillets or “steaks.” They hold together well when grilling. Tilapia or flounder, while good, are generally very thin, so they cook too quickly and require additional support, such as a special grilling tray to support them. You can grill them, just not as easily. And if you choose to grill a whole fish, get a fish basket. Clean the interior cavity, and “stuff” with either onions, or spinach, or citrus fruits (lemons and limes and or oranges work well, especially with a grilling glaze that balances and compliments the tangy citrus.)
  3. Fish conduct heat quickly. Because fish fillets or whole fish have a high concentration of water, they conduct heat quickly. The rule thumb used to be when cooking whole fish to allow 10 minutes per inch of thickness, or 8 minutes when it’s a fillet.
  4. Prepare the fish. It’s good brush all sides of the fish with a bit of olive oil, so it won’t stick to the grill.
  5. Know the herbs and spices that work well on the fish you’ve selected. I like to use Slatherin’ Sauce as a glaze for my fish. But, there are other glazes or marinades that will work well, depending on your favorite flavor profile. Try rubbing your fish with Olive Oil, then sprinkle with a bit of granulated garlic, and Kosher salt and freshly grated pepper. That’s a good basic prep that will work well for just about any fish. You can also use basil or oregano both on the fillets or inside the fish’s cavity. Dill is a classic favorite that pairs well with lemon and butter.
  6. Preheat your grill. Whether charcoal or gas grill, preheating will help your fish sear quickly, locking in the natural flavors and moisture. After the grill is hot, use a wire brush to clean the grill grate, then use a long handled silicon brush to brush the grate with canola oil.
  7. Sear first. Put the fish on the grill and sear the first side, then flip and sear on the other side.
  8. Cook steadily. Turn down the heat if this is a gas grill, or if charcoal, move to a cooler spot on the grill, allowing the fish to continue cooking to your preferred doneness.
  9. Remove from grill. Let the fish ‘rest’ a bit before serving. Not to cool, but to allow the juices to move back to the center of the fish.
  10. Serve on warm plates. Nothing is worse than placing hot fish on a cold plate. Heat your plates in a slightly warm oven. Or have them in a basin of hot water, removing and drying them just prior to plating the fish.

Photo credit: flickr user woodleywonderworks

Mommy of 1 and Counting Reviews Slatherin’ Sauce

Mommy of 1 logo

Word is getting out among bloggers that Slatherin’ Sauce is awesome. Blogger and Mom Heather said:

“This is the PERFECT sauce. It hits all the taste buds…

They also have a spicy version, but this one had enough of a kick for me.

It was a very good sauce and I LOVED it!!”

Thanks Heather for your enthusiastic endorsement of Slatherin’ Sauce! We make our Original and Spicy for families just like yours!

Heather is offering a give-away of a gift pack of Slatherin’ Sauce. Head on over to her blog to check out her review and enter to win!

Slatherin’ Sauce on Shelves at The Fresh Market

Coming soon to a Fresh Market near you! 

The Fresh Market will sell Slatherin' Sauce

Creating, marketing and representing Slatherin’ Sauce is what I’m passionate about. It is my way to bring what I value in life to tables across the country. Over the last 18 months, I’ve had one of the most ambitious journeys of my career and life, and it continues to be way more than interesting!

Shopping at The Fresh Market

One phone call and an order later, it’s confirmed: Slatherin’ Sauce is now going to be sold at The Fresh Market. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

So, all of you who’ve been looking for Slatherin’ Sauce in your area: we are adding  more than 100 stores to the locations where Slatherin’ Sauce is sold, so one is bound to be near you. And undoubtedly, as The Fresh Market grows, you’ll find Slatherin’ Sauce  in ever increasing locations.

We share Southern roots

The Fresh Market’s story is one of inventiveness and creativity. Late last year the Greensboro, North Carolina company had an IPO that resulted in huge interest.

“In the past ten years, The Fresh Market has tripled its store base to one hundred stores. Considering only three states, Florida (24 stores), Georgia (15 stores) and North Carolina (10 stores) comprise 49% of their store base, the rest of the United States offers ample ground for expansion…”

It may be a few weeks until the our distinctive bottles appear on the shelves of your Fresh Market, but keep looking for it, and by all means, ask!

Photo credit: flickr user NatalieMaynor

Healthy BBQ Tips Features Slatherin’ Sauce

Mareya Ibrahim The Fit Foody (@fitfoody on Twitter and Facebook) is featured on a regular segment to San Diego 6 Morning News. On Monday, 18 July, she presented a segment on healthy BBQ.

Mareya Ibrahim The Fit Foody features Slatherin' Sauce on SanDiego6

Slatherin’ Sauce was featured in the segment. Our sauce was selected from many products submitted in response to Mareya’s search for natural, health-conscious products to use at your cook-out. We were honored to be selected from a vast array of submissions, by this phenomenal woman who is on a mission tho help us all “Eat Cleaner.”

Mareya posted her kudos of Slatherin’ Sauce to her blog:

Make it full of flavor: Let your bbq take you on a culinary journey with the right flavors…Slatherin Sauce is a is a gluten free, preservative free, all natural, grilling and finishing sauce with down home flavor, made from an heirloom recipe from South Carolina…

We expect to be sharing the video with you just as soon as it is posted by San Diego 6 Morning News.

Stay tuned for more!

Crunchy ‘n Spicy Slathered Potato Salad

( Serves 8 )

The new potatoes of spring and early summer soak up the sweet heat of Slather Brand’s Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce like greedy, delicious little sponges, but really, any small, waxy potato will work. Leave the thin skins on for added ease, nutrients and texture. This spicy, cool salad is delicious with barbecue, grilled foods, and any other summer holiday staple. Make it 2 – 3 hours ahead and refrigerate, covered, to help all the flavors come together. Dig in!


4 cups whole baby new or spring potatoes

2 teaspoons Kosher or sea salt

3 stalks celery, finely chopped, about 2/3 cup

1/2 large Bermuda (or red) onion, finely chopped, about 2/3 cup

1/2 cup mayonnaise (suggest Duke’s brand)

1/2 cup Slather Brand Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce

2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

1/3 cup chopped, fresh parsley

1/2 cup finely chopped, blanched almonds

Kosher or sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

Thoroughly scrub the potatoes and drain. Remove any dark or soft spots and pierce each gently with a knife. Cut any larger potatoes in half. The potatoes need to be about the same size to cook evenly. Place the potatoes in a medium pot and cover with cold water. Add 2 teaspoons salt. Bring up to a boil over high heat. Reduce to a simmer. Cook until the potatoes are fork tender, about 15 minutes. Drain in a colander and set aside.

Meanwhile, dice the celery and Bermuda onion and set aside. In a large bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce and Dijon mustard. Fold in the parsley and the almonds. Season to taste with salt and pepper. When the potatoes are cool enough to handle, coarsely chop them so that they are in a 1/2” dice. Fold into the mayonnaise/Slatherin’ mixture. Stir evenly to coat. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 2 – 3 hours before serving.

Burger Round Up

Slather Burger For Blog Post

Our Original Slather Burger pictured above

Burgers are just about as American as one can get. They have been a grill favorite for over 185 years. Yes, that’s right! Delmonico’s was the first restaurant to offer a Hamburger on their menu. Although the elements of that burger included ground or shredded beef, it was not until the 1880s in Texas that the hamburger as we know it was created and then popularized at the 1904 Worlds Fair. Read more hamburger history.

Hamburgers are hot

In the past three years, hamburgers have become of the most beloved foods to upscale. Today’s hamburgers are being made with grass-fed beef, or bison. Turkey burgers continue to be popular too. And there are tuna burgers and veggie burgers that are much beloved.

According to The Today Show,

“Americans just can’t get enough of the hamburger. At least that’s the conclusion of a new study from Technomic, which found that at least half of the people polled ate a hamburger every week, an increase from the 38 percent who did two years ago.

Which burgers are making the biggest leaps? That would be veggie and hormone-and-antibiotic-free burgers, which have gotten more popular as people worry more about where their beef is coming from.  Fast food companies are certainly trying to cash in on people’s newfound love of gourmet burgers.”

Anne Brumbaugh, one of our fans created this heart-healthy recipe for Turkey Burgers that we’d like to share with you.

Turkey Burgers

2 small apples, finely chopped
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 huge stalk celery, finely chopped
1-2 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
20 oz ground turkey breast (99% fat free)
8 oz Slatherin’ Sauce, divided (6 and 2 oz.)
Salt and pepper to taste

Sauté apple, onion, celery, and garlic in olive oil until very soft and cooked through.  Cool a bit.  Add to turkey with 6 oz of the Slatherin’ Sauce and more salt and pepper.  Form into 7 burgers.  (Why 7?  No clue — it just worked out that way. *We love Anne’s sassy sense of humor!*)  Grill 5 minutes each side on medium/high heat, or until cooked through.  Brush remaining Slatherin Sauce on each side.

175 calories. *Ish.  I had one on a whole wheat roll with thin slice lower fat provolone cheese for a total of 350 calories.  My spouse had 2 with double cheese and was very happy.  Eschew the cheese and go for light bun and save like 75 calories.  Fantasize about adding mayo but don’t to stay heart healthy.

Thanks Anne for allowing us to share your creative Turkey Burger recipe.

We invite all y’all (plural for y’all) to post pics of your favorite burger on our Facebook page.

Chick ‘n Savvy Reviews Loves Slatherin’ Sauce

ChicnSavvy Reviews Blog

We love our blogger friends who are sharing the Slather Brand Foods love with their readers. Blogger Kelsey of Chic ‘n Savvy Reviews has a Slatherin’ Sauce Giveaway running over at her blog. She’s giving away a Gift Pack of Slatherin’ Sauce to the winner and that could be you! The give-away entries will be accepted until August 1, 2011.

Kelsey wrote about Slatherin’ Sauce,

“This sauce is really good, it has such a nice sweet and a hint of spice to it. I love how it stuck on the meat, and really gave the Pork Loin a whole new flavor! I would recommend trying out their Slatherin’ Sauces if you want new flavor to foods! Of course know this sauce is good on many other foods, beside bbq! That is just how I tested it out at first 🙂 I know we will be playing around more with this Sauce in the future!!”

Thanks, Kelsey, we thank you for Slatherin’ It On and sharing your thoughts with your thousands of readers!

Specialty Food Show Report


This is Slather Brand Foods second summer Specialty Food Show. To say we are jazzed to be here would be an understatement. We are working full force…great opportunities with distributors  brokers, exporters, retailers.

The interest in SBF is nothing short of amazing!

Everyone was looking forward to the 2011 sofi award ceremony and the announcement of the Gold winners. While our own Charleston based Callie’s Biscuits did not take home a gold for their amazing biscuits, we love her and her products which exemplify and define the specialty food trade.

We are coming back pumped full if excitement and energy at all the new possibilities and opportunities we’ve encountered!