Slather Brand Foods Tasting at Boone Hall Farms in October

Slather Brand Foods in the “twice-weekly publication that offers insightful community comment and good news on events, accolades and accomplishments” features the great accolades and news Slatherin’ Sauces and Slather Brand Foods have received in the recent months.

Thanks, Charleston Currents!

October 14, 2010 Charleston Currents Features Slather Brand
October 14, 2010 Charleston Currents Features Slather Brand

Don’t Label Me Exhibition in Berlin

Slather Brand Foods and our Original Slatherin’ Sauce were included in an exhibition at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin. The Don’t Label Me exhibit was celebrated in an opening on Sept. 23. While we weren’t able to attend the opening party, we know from the video that the event was rockin’ as you can see from the opening night party video posted on Oct. 13 at the Direktorenhaus blog.

Photos from the Don’t Label Me exhibt.

Slatherin' Sauces at the "Don't Label Me" Show in Berlin
We were honored to be included in this exhibition in Berlin.

Photos from exhibit in Germany.

Photo from Don't Label Me Exhibit

Photo from Don't Label Me exhibition

Honored by The Red Thread

The Red Thread by Dragon Rouge

The Original Slatherin’ Sauce’s creative packaging was recognized by The Red Thread, newsletter of Dragon Rouge, billed as “the leading privately owned brand consultancy in the world with global offices and cross-category expertise.”

Slatherin’ Sauce was singled out in the section of the newsletter labeled Trends.

“foundations — Slather Foods Slatherin’ Sauce

Slatherin’ Sauce’s vintage type is nostalgic while its tagline “the cure for boring food” reinvents tradition through a more contemporary lens, allowing consumers to shift from the complex reality of today towards a simpler time.”

Thank you Dragon Rouge for recognizing our roots.