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September 2010Slatherin’ Sauces gain recognition-South Carolina specialty packaged foods company Slather Brand Foods, Inc., founded in 2009, is earning recognition for the company’s distinctive Slatherin’ Sauces and for their packaging design as well as their all natural, gluten free ingredients.

2010-Sept-Slather Brand Media Release

February 2011 Slatherin’ Sauce expands grocery and specialty retail distribution- March 1, Slatherin’ Sauce to be on shelves in 24 Kings Supermarkets and six Balducci’s Foodlover’s Markets and 29 new specialty retail outlets

2011-02-17 Slatherin’ Sauce expands grocery and specialty retail distribution

Fact Sheet

Slather Brand Foods, Inc. is spicy, sassy, specialty foods manufacturer based in South Carolina whose products are made with premium all-natural, ingredients and utilize sustainable eco-friendly packaging. Slather Brand Foods, Inc. Fact Sheet

Founder Backgrounder

In a time where we are all exhorted to do what we love, Robin Rhea, founder of Slather Brand Foods, Inc., is doing more than that. She’s bottling passion: for food, for her heritage and for “clean” sustainable living. Backgrounder Robin Rhea, Slather Brand Foods’ Founder

Listen to Robin Rhea as she shares the story of Slatherin’ Sauce with South Carolina Business Review Host Mike Switzer.

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